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DJ Cochise is known for his mix shows on several FM radio stations and has made his mark in the Rap music scene with over 20 underground rap mix CD's featuring original tracks that have sold worldwide. His expertise as a club dj, and diverse background has enabled DJ Cochise to evolve into writing and producing his own original tracks and remixes of different styles of music such as Hip Hop, Reggae, Bass, R&B, Techno

DJ Cochise is responsible for introducing and promoting one of the most popular line dances of all time, "Booty Call."  So popular in fact, that the producers of the "Cha-Cha Slide," took the "Booty Call Line Dance" and rearranged the steps to create the "Cha-Cha Slide."

Today thousands of fans share that they still have recording of his live on air mix shows such as, "Clubstyle", "Afterwork Mix at Six" and "Old School Mix at Noon." DJ Cochise mix CD productions like "Strictly For The Street, Strictly For The House Party, No Limit Bad Boy, Thuganomix 2000, Line Dance 2001, Line Dance 2000, Afterwork Mix at Six CD's" and a host of others have become collectors' items to his fans because they are out of print. 

DJ Cochise credits his dedicated and growing fan base for the steady requests for DJ Cochise songs and mixes on Mainstream Radio, Internet Radio and MP3 downloads on various websites.  Some of DJ Cochise's hotest tracks have been listed "Top 10" on several Internet Music Websites, and are fastly becoming club favorites for dj's from coast-to-coast.  

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